Who We Are

What is Inforule Social Media, how did we get started, who do we service and what can we do to help your business? Well, thanks for asking!

What is Inforule Social Media and how did you get started? We are a division of Inforule (a technology company) that was formed when we found the need of social media for a project we developed. What? Social media is a crucial part of marketing a business and everyone is doing it! To provide the best service possible to our clients, we brought in Rachel Albertson and created Inforule Social Media.

Who do we service? Inforule Social Media services small businesses and offers white label services to agencies worldwide (yes, I said worldwide)! These white label services allow agencies to provide social media service to their clients without having to learn and staff a social media division.

What can we do for your business? We will analyze your business and see what you need for your business to grow. Is it Social Media? Newsletter Marketing? Video Marketing? Our process includes identifying your sales funnel and then marketing to your ideal client where they are.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting is an area we have studied and tested to help your business grow. Retargeting is an effective tool, as part of your marketing plan, to help you lessen the abandoned cart syndrome or half full webinar classes or high bounce rates on opt-in pages. This proven system has helped our customers earn more money with their products and utilize Facebook to find customers for them. Yes, I said Facebook brings customers to our clients!!

Our goal is to help 100 businesses per year get a mobile responsive website, coordinate social media, and provide sales funnels to make them successful. It makes our process simple. How can we make our customers successful? Our customers have many different needs, but at the end of the day, the most common issue they have is that they are not marketers. Plain and simple. They are good at what they do but don’t know how to easily market themselves.

Who is Rachel?

Rachel Albertson

Digital Strategist, Inforule Social Media

Combine glitter, social media, and speaking geeklish, and you have Rachel Albertson. Serving as a Digital Strategist and Trainer at Inforule Social Media, Rachel takes on challenging responsibilities, such as creating marketing strategies and designing websites.

She is a master of grandparenting, a professional networker, and a skillful marketing idea generator. Her impressive local business marketing background allows her to help people have a digital presence and success, while balancing her family.

In addition to 9 years in the business, Rachel is also proud of her lengthy philanthropy background; volunteering with the Relay for Life and Charity Chopped in the Boro. She maintains a role in several non-profit organizations and the Siegel High School Marching Band.

Ask her about how to be memorable while networking. It’s her secret talent.

Who is Chase?

Chase Prater

Online Marketing Account Manager, Inforule Social Media

Chase understands the growth and potential of the e-commerce industry and wants to use his knowledge to help others take advantage of the online world, from starting an e-commerce store from scratch to helping an existing store get more sales and building a strong online brand, he has the skills and knowhow.   

As an entrepreneur, Chase knows many of the struggles associated with being your own boss and aims to help other entrepreneurs by implementing systems, interpreting data, and coaching them how to obtain the proper mindset for success.

He is an MTSU graduate with a 4.0 GPA and has a thorough background in numerical analytics, which he uses to help small business owners increase traffic and sales by use of Facebook and Instagram ads.