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Understanding The LinkedIn Algorithm 

Looking to grow on Linkedin?

Richard van der Blom, the founder of Just Connecting, a platform for social selling and LinkedIn training has some thoughts.

We read his LinkedIn Algorithm Insights 2024 Report and it’s full of useful information on how you can grow your online authority on LinkedIn.

The best practices guide is armed full of useful stats to help your LinkedIn growth strategy:

Here are some important highlights:

  • Most users are coming from mobile: Compared to desktop, mobile reigns supreme. 65% are mobile users while 35% are from desktop.

    • What this means: When creating assets, go vertical. Vertical layouts are 20 to 35% more effective while vertical videos are 15% more effective.

  • Posting 3-4 times a week is ideal: This is the bare minimum to get the LinkedIn algo to like you. This can be text posts, videos, or carousel posts

    • Ideal text length: 900 to 1200 characters

    • Ideal video length: 1-2 minutes with added text that is 500 words or less

    • The ideal number of slides in a carousel: 12.4 and 25 to 50 words per slide

  • Show your face! Posts that contain images perform better compared to text-only posts but the ones that perform the best contain selfies with a 30% boost.

  • Polls are an easy way to engage your audience: It only takes one click for someone to vote for your poll so add these to your content mix

    • Ideal voting length: one week and adding the ‘other’ option also helps and gives a 25% visibility increase.

Use these algorithm learnings next time you post on LinkedIn so you can reach more people with your posts and grow your network!


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