Can Facebook Parties Help Your Direct Sales Business?

Party Sign - Facebook PartiesLike anything, if you put in some work, you’ll get more out of it. Most Facebook parties for a party plan business are boring. They are just about selling your products than about making genuine connections. And, in today’s busy world, it’s harder than ever to get people to attend, engage and buy. So what can you do?!

Be Prepared!

Before offering Facebook Parties to our hosts take the time to set up what you need beforehand. Here is a simple list that will help you be more successful from he beginning.

  1. Images. Use the correct image sizing to have a consistently branded look. The cover image size is 784 x 295 (not the same as a business page cover). Don’t forget there will be the event name across the bottom put in by Facebook.. Keep the image simple but telling. Get the product images ready too. If you are posting a link to purchase or share use the image size of 1200 x 630. If it is just an image without links, you can use 1200 x 1200. The photo shows up at 504 pixel width but for good quality images the 1200 pixel size is recommended. More Image Size Info HERE.
  2. Video. Create a short welcoming video that talks about you, what you love about your business and what you will be sharing during the Facebook party. Keep it short and sweet- under a minute. If you can hold examples during the welcome video that would benefit you too! If you are video savvy, create several short videos to be used through the party.
  3. Outline. To keep yourself on track, make an outline of when you will be doing each part. Intro, demo, quiz, prize giveaway, asking for the sale, asking for new consultants, etc. When you have the outline, run through it a couple of times so it is natural for you. Another perk of having an outline is that you can quickly modify any future changes you may make based on feedback.
  4. Stock. I know, really?! Yes, make sure the day of the Facebook Party that the items you are showcasing are in stock. And, if there are limited quantities on an item, it’s a great opportunity to upsell. Think to yourself how you feel when there are limited items of something you want. It’s makes you more likely to purchase. You also don’t want everyone to fall in love with a product you no longer have. It happened to me and I sold almost nothing to those customers because they had in their minds nothing else would be as good.
  5. Other Branding. How is your Facebook Business page? How is your company bio? Make sure you have updated those branding opportunities to match the message in your Facebook Party. Consistency is key!

Prepping for Fabulous!

Take the time communicate with the attendees before the actual event. Pop online and make conversation. Ask engaging questions. Post funny pictures. Another idea is to create a quiz to find out what they are most looking forward to about the party. You can use the answers to craft your sales pitch during the Facebook Parties.

Party Time!

On the day of the party allow yourself time to get everything together without rushing. Put on your calendar an extra 30 minutes so you can really be prepared. Keep distractions to a minimum. Follow your outline. Ask for the sale; but don’t be pushy. And RELAX! Be yourself and have fun with your host and attendees.


If you find yourself in need of assistance with anything you have read above, please reach out to me! I love to help Direct Sales Professionals earn their incentive trips and bonuses!