Clock_image_bg_landingpageNew Year’s Resolutions!

Everybody makes them and few people actually stick with them. How are you doing with New Year’s Resolutions? If you want to be successful in your business, you need to have a plan. Call it a marketing plan or call it New Year’s Resolutions… what ever you want to call them, just make a plan for success and follow it!

Your New Year’s Resolution is to be Successful in Organization!

So what should you do first?

1- Calendar Type

The first plan you should make is the easiest. What type of calendar is easiest for you to work with? Does you Google Calendar help keep you motivated? Or does the thought of linking your Google Calendar with your smartphone make your cringe? Then a paper calendar might be the best option for you!

2- Goals

After choosing you calendar type then you must pick a goal for each month. Too much, then go for the first quarter. To get started, make a quick list of things you want to do for your business. Then, plug them into each month.

3- Break It Down Again

We are getting closer! Now you have a calendar, monthly goals, so now what? Break it down again. Break up your month into weeks. Let’s say one of your goals is a monthly email newsletter. Your next step is to pick a topic for each month. And, drill it down a little further by picking what day of the month you want to send it out on. Now write that on the appropriate day of each month.

4- Fill It In

Go through your calendar and mark off the days you already know you will have meetings, networking, holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc. This actually makes all future goal completion easier. Your success comes from realizing you can’t send out your monthly email newsletter when you are on vacation in June. You now know to plan ahead to get it done and scheduled before you leave for Florida or the beach.


This is the single most way to get your business booming. You can’t be successful if you don’t get consistent. By utilizing your calendar you can recognize your goals, plan them out and always know what needs to be done to achieve that success!


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