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Here Are Some New Changes Coming to Facebook that Will Really Help Your Business

The internet is constantly changing. In order to adapt and remain relevant, websites must constantly evolve. Facebook is no exception.

Now that Facebook has become extremely important for businesses, certain new changes coming to Facebook have made it easier for businesses to have an attractive presence in order to reach more followers. The previous layout was cluttered, and had too many confusing buttons that weren’t highly visible to those searching for products and services.

One of the new changes coming to Facebook is the removal of the grey CTA button on the bottom right of the cover image. They have been replaced with a new, blue CTA button. The Liked and Share buttons are now underneath the cover photo to the right. This gives potential customers a one-click solution to following your new page.

The profile picture now sits neatly within the cover image at the bottom left, rather than hanging below it, making the pages much more appealing to look at. This also helps the tabs to align to the left underneath the cover photo, rather than hanging to the right of the profile picture like they used to.

Possibly the most important of the new changes coming to Facebook is the ability to see your page as a visitor would. Previously, the admin view of the page was quite different from the way that visitor would see it. There was no way for you to know exactly how your page would look without signing out of Facebook and then going to your page’s web address.

Now, all it takes is a couple of clicks. Start by clicking the three dots beside your messages. “View as Page Visitor” will be the first option. Click that and you will see your page as everyone else does!

With all these new changes coming to Facebook, your business’s Facebook page will no longer look cluttered and outdated. These changes also differentiate the look between business pages and personal one. Facebook has become extremely important to business in a way that it wasn’t when it first showed up on the internet. Facebook realized this, and are doing many things to help your business find new customers and advertise your products

It’s exciting to see these new changes coming to Facebook and to think about how many more changes will come along in the future. With these changes, Facebook will continue to be in the forefront when it comes to online advertising and business-customer relations.