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5 Ways to Help Your Business Thrive Using Pinterest for Business

Everyone knows that Facebook is the world’s number 1 social media website, but did you know that Pinterest for Business is also an extremely useful tool to promote your business?

Here are 5 useful ways to use Pinterest to promote and grow your business and drive traffic to your website.

  1. Add a Pinterest Widget on Every Page of your Business Website

Let the people who visit your website know that you have a Pinterest for Business page. Perhaps you wrote a blog article on your WordPress site and someone came across it. Add a Pinterest widget to the article so that they know you have a business and products that they are most likely interested in.

Do that every time you add new content to your website and you never know how many new customers you’ll attract.

It also helps a whole lot to add your Pinterest account information to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram home pages

  1. Provide Educational Information on the Products You Sell

Pinterest can be a great tool for your business. It’s best to also pin educational information about your products. For example, if you sell clothes for babies, find an article on the internet about how to properly dress your baby for a particular season and pin that to your Pinterest for Business page.

Be creative! You don’t necessarily have to write your own content to pin onto the board. Instead find creative ways to adapt pre-existing sources to help educate your Pinterest followers.

  1. Collaborate with Trusted Partners on Pinterest Group Boards

Joining forces with other businesses is a great way to expand your reach on Pinterest. You can find information on Pinterest group boards here.

Using group boards allows other businesses who may have different products or services than you do, but who share similar consumers to pin things on the board. This allows you to gain new customers by bringing other businesses’ followers to your Pinterest for Business page.

A word of warning, though: only allow other Pinterest users you trust to share your group board. Also, be wary of competitors.

If used properly, Group Boards can be a great way to market your business through Pinterest.

  1. Use Awesome Pins to Attract Customers to Your Business Website

Make sure the things you pin to your Pinterest for Business board are informative and proactive. If you follow the number 2 Pinterest for Business tip in this article, you will be well on your way to pinning interesting topics to your board. This will help drive traffic to your site.

The best pins have an attractive picture and well-written information on them. It is also very important to pin popular articles and pictures to your board. This makes it more likely that people will see your Pinterest board. This will then lead them to your site.

  1. Use Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest for Business comes with its own, free analytics tool. Using the tool can really help you know which pins people are seeing most.

This is priceless because it can weed out ineffective pins. It can also help you know which types of pins people are most likely to find useful.

Click here to get started on Pinterest for Business’s Analytics tool!

Using these 5 tips for Pinterest for Business, you should be well on your way to driving traffic to your Pinterest boards and your business website!