Storytelling Open BookHow can a story promote your business?

Your clients and customers love a good story. What’s better than your story? How you got started. A big hurdle your business had to overcome. Recent funny story (not at a customer’s or employee’s expense). Something charitable you have recently done. All of those are ideas of storytelling.

Hollywood does an excellent job of taking a piece of an event or someone’s life and turning it into a 2 hour time suck that people pay $10 a pop to see. Not to mention the $20 per DVD afterward to watch it again and again. Also, all the swag and promotional items that can be sold for a blockbuster movie.

How can this relate to your business? Quite easily. How or why did you get started in your business. That is one of the most important stories you have to tell. Are you a coffee shop that started out of necessity because there wasn’t a good cup of joe in your city? Or how about a second hand/consignment shop that opened because that market was under served? maybe the business was your Father’s and you took it over for him. All of those make great stories and your clients want to know more! Really, they do.

Another good story is if your business participates with any local or national charities. Image how much more you can connect with you client if you have a common interest like a charity? For example, let’s say you have recently walked in a 5k to benefit a local Veterans Support group. By posting information about the event beforehand and pictures of you at the event (including monies raised) in your location, on your website and social media it shows you care. When one of your current or new customers notices your participation it offers you a storytelling opportunity. Or you can use your digital media to do the storytelling for you.


Article overview:

Storytelling will bring you closer to your clients and customers by creating a common bond. Ideas for storytelling including why you started your business, funny stories from your store, growing pains, charitable events and anything that personalizes your business. Include pictures from your story to enhance through visualization.


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