My LinkedIn rant for the day…

I received a LinkedIn request the other day from a business. This company, who shall remain nameless, is utilizing LinkedIn the way they should or they way the terms of service are listed. And, to me, it is a lazy way of covering up who is doing the marketing for the company. There is a business that is very underhanded and goes by the cloak of darkness to do underhanded marketing that I think is handling the marketing….

So it was very spammy to use the business name as their LinkedIn name, plus the hint of shadiness, that made me absolutely not accept the LinkedIn request. Denied!!

Rachel Albertson

LinkedIn Profile Image

To use LinkedIn the way it is intended you must list your name, fell out appropriate spots, add pictures, etc. After your profile is set up, it is important to reach out and connect with people. And, unlike high school, it is not a popularity contest. Connect with people you know, have met and would like to network with in real life.

Other irritations are not having a profile image or using a random party picture that is unprofessional. No, I don’t want to see you with a beer in your hand, clad in a bikini, a crappy cell phone picture or a family portrait. See image to the side for an example of a good profile image.


That being said, if you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, click here.