How To Get More Action Out Of Your Social Media Marketing!

Social media marketing meterSocial media marketing is far from the what it was during the Wild West days of 5+ years ago. Do you remember when it was easy to put up a post on your Facebook page you got tons of results. You didn’t even care about the word “Organic”. You posted, people responded and your business grew through social sites like Facebook. You were happy. You told everyone how great Facebook was for your business. So what happened? They listened to you and signed up in droves. Now Facebook has over 890 Million Active Users Everyday! This means there are more posts being uploaded than anyone could see. A new word is coming forth: algorithm. It’s always been there but the average user didn’t know much about reach, ads, dark posts, etc. So how does a business get seen on Facebook in today’s social media marketing frenzy? Quality content and Facebook ads.

This isn’t meant to be a huge tutorial for Facebook ads. Just a little something to get you thinking about your business and social media marketing. You know you need to be there but you just aren’t seeing any rewards. Here is a simple formula for success:

  1. Quality content of varying types; not just links to buy your stuff
  2. Interacting with fans that post on your page
  3. Share other people’s stuff
  4. Utilize Facebook ads
  5. Retarget fans with pixels

Content is still king. Provide images, links, tips, tricks, specials, etc that your fans are interested in. I recommend using a content calendar to help you keep your prep time to a minimum. There is one I like to use. Click here to download it.

If your fans are messaging you, commenting, liking, sharing and posting on your wall…. this is a huge notice that you need to interact with them. Social media has replaced customer service call centers for some companies. And, customers expect quick responses!

When you share another businesses post on social media (including retweet) it will help both businesses (as long as it’s relevant to your fans). This is a great way to get free reach. Partner with another business for a giveaway and you both are winners.

Facebook ads include boosting posts and move into complex marketing techniques like remarking through pixels. All of these have a purpose in your marketing funnel. Wait, do you have a clearly defined marketing funnel? If not, click here for you FREE Consultation. Facebook ads put your business in front of new, potential or current fans. It’s like a tv commercial, only 1000 times more relevant today’s world. We have spent time and money utilizing Facebook ads to benefit our business and other businesses like yours.

In conclusion, content is always king, don’t ignore your fans, share other businesses posts to create unity and free exposure, utilize Facebook ads for good (not evil) and remember social media marketing is pay to play for 95% of businesses!


Have an inspiring day!


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