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5 Tools To Rid Your Calendar From Toxic Clients

We’ve all had to face the challenge of toxic clients. In this download you will receive the 21 Ideas Blueprint, a 28 Day Calendar, a Checklist, a Resource Directory, and a Worksheet.

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5 Tools To Rid Your Calendar From Toxic Clients

You know that dread in the pit of your stomach. That one (or two) names on your calendar. That client where you always feel drained or abused when the meeting is over. It’s time to stop the insanity of toxic clients. You don’t need the money that bad.

Your first step is easy- just get the program below. Steps 2 – 6 are to complete each download. Step 7 – report back to me on your progress!


Step By Step Directions To Avoid And No Longer Accept Toxic Clients


It may be that you have just started your business and you feel like you need every person how shows an interest. Or maybe it’s a friend/client that doesn’t respect your boundaries. Possibly you wording is not clear enough and your clients are taking advantage of that. Your challenge is to fill your calendar with clients you want to work with and ones that respect you.


We have the answer for you! This download includes 5 steps that will clarify your message, help you set professional boundaries with your clients, and enjoy the business you started.


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did.”

Rachel Albertson, ME!

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What’s Included

What You’ll Get

  1. 21 Ideas Blue Print- 21 Proven Ideas to help you reduce the number of toxic clients on your calendar. And, how to avoid getting involved with them in the future.
  2. 28 Day Calendar- An easy to follow, laid out, calendar of small activities for you to complete each day. At the end of the 28 days, you can’t help but be rid of Toxic Clients.
  3. Checklist- Review the checklist at the beginning and find out what you need to work on and what you may have already in place. You may be done in a shorter time depending on these results.
  4. Resource Directory- We have compiled a list of commonly used software platforms that assist in the growth of your business. Using these resources may improve some of your current processes.
  5. Worksheet- Use this worksheet to identify toxic clients, and decide on & organize strategies you will implement to deal with them effectively.

Why You Need This

We’ve all had experiences with toxic people. It’s stressful and upsetting to deal with them. They can undermine your confidence, drain your energy with negativity and complaints, waste your time, tarnish your reputation and lose you money. But toxic clients don’t just come in one shape or size.

And what’s the difference between negativity and toxicity? Is toxicity always an emotional or communication issue? What about clients who don’t pay on time, who always argue about your prices and who have other behaviors that demonstrate their inability to value your expertise and time?

Let toxic clients go.

What People Are Saying

“Rachel has great insight of what our business needs.”

Chuck B.

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