link shorteners - marketing“What’s are Link Shorteners and how can it help with my marketing?”

What are Link Shorteners?

Link Shorteners are a software where the URL is shortened, unified and the clicks are tracked. It’s simple. You post on social media with a link you want people to click on. But, how do you know if people have clicked on the link? That is one of the genius parts of a link shortener.  A shortened URL allows you to make the URL pretty or purposeful. Your shortened URL may be bitly.com/bigsale or smarter.it/freeinfo or similar depending on which shortener you used. One of the companies allows you to even track where people are online when they click your link!

How Do You Do It?

  • Pick which shortener you prefer
  • Sign up for an account
  • Copy and paste URL into shortener
  • Copy and past new, shortened URL in copy or on social media, etc.
  • Sit back and waits for clicks


Shortener Options

Here are several, of the many, link shorteners out there:





How Do Link Shorteners Help My Marketing

When you add link shorteners to your marketing, whether on websites, Amazon, social media or blogs it can help your marketing by finding out what is working. You can test multiple sales forms and see which ones get the most clicks. The nice looking shortened links also help provide an aesthetic looking link where you would alternatively have a very long, SEO friendly, but ugly link. And, imagine knowing where in the world a user is compared to where your service area is. An example is paying for an ad on a popular website. If you have a shortened link you can track the click through rate, where people are and if you are wasting your money.


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